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The Department of Chemistry was established when the Regional College No.(2), Ayeyarwady region opened in 1978. The Department of Chemistry will build upon its tradition and teaching of excellence in all specialized fields of Chemistry (Inorganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry and Analytical Chemistry). It is intended to provide a vibrant intellectual environment that will enhance the performance of student so that they can be imbued with knowledge and expertise in chemistry.

The vision of the department is to create a system which can build up the human resources of communities including intellectually graduates and the outstanding research students.
The vision of the department is to promote theoretically sound and intellectually mature graduates through advanced teaching and research programme with the following objectives:
    • To upgrade teaching staff's quality in teaching methodology by making peer discussion and departmental workshop
    • To improve research quality by participating seminar go around the everywhere in Myanmar besides abroad
    • To produce high quality graduated and impact on society
    • To generate high quality Master of Science graduate
    • At present, the department is headed by professor Dr Cho Cho Than, and its currently constituted by academic staffs including, 1 professor, 4 associate professors, 5 lecturers, 5 assistant lecturers, 3 demonstrators, 2 administrative staffs and 7 laboratory technicians.
Fields of Study
  • Inorganic Chemistry
  • Physical Chemistry
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Analytical Chemistry
  1. Removal of Lead from Aqueous solution Using Chicken Eggshell Powder
  2. Preparation of Rice Husk Ash Alginate and Study on the Removal of Heavy Metals from Tube Well Water
  3. Study on the Nutritional Values and Elemental Analysis of Oryza Sativa L. (Yoony Rice) from Zalun Township in Ayeyarwaddy Region
  4. Some Chemical Analyses of Kaffir Lime Peel (Citrus hystrix) and its Health Benefits
  5. Extraction of Oil and Screening of Antioxidant Activity from the male flower of Carica papaya L. (Thin-baw)
  6. Study on Some Chemical Analyses of Pomelo Peel (Citrus maxima) and its Bioactivities
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