• To encourage and support high level research that enhances understanding of the different Phenomena and processes in the states and Regions of Myanmar.
  • To contribute to improving the quality of education, training and capacity enhancement.
  • To effectively assist national development with geographic knowledge.
  • To enhance collaboration in research and teaching with international universities and organizations.


  • To gain knowledge, expertise and qualification for society.
  • To develop modem teaching qualification with research oriented teaching.
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  1. Dr. Kyi Kyi Mya, P(H) Geographical study on land utilization of U.Yin Ward in Hinthada Town.
  2. U Mya Win (L) A Geographical Assessment on the land utilization in Hinthada District, Ayeyarwady Region.
  3. Daw Aye Aye Nyein (L) Geographical Assessment on the rice export in Hinthada Town.
  4. Daw Saw Sandar Win (L) Spatial Distribution pattern of Retail Shops within Pathein Urban Area.
  5. Daw Thin Thin Oo (AL) Geographical Assessment on Agricultural Activity of Kanhla Village Tract, Hinthada Township.
  6. Dr. Lè Lè Win (AP) Analysis on the water use of Hinthada Town.
  7. Dr. Moh Moh Khaing (AP) Comparative Study on Urban Landscape changes of Pathein and Hinthada Towns in Ayeyarwady Region.
Fields of Study
  1. Climatology
  2. Soil Geography
  3. Urban Geography
  4. Geography of Settlement
  5. Economic Geography
  6. Cultural Geography
  7. Geomorphology
  8. Political Geography
  9. Agriculture Geography
  10. Population Geography
  11. Transportation Geography
  12. Regional Analysis
  13. Environmental Studies
  14. Tourism Geography
  15. Climate Change and Resilience
  16. Geographic Though
Research Collaboration with Hinthada University Department of Geography and other Universities are
  1. Department of Geography, University of Yangon, Myanmar
  2. Water and Environmental Studies Department, University of Yangon, Myanmar
  3. School of Earth and Environmental science, University of Portsmouth, United Kingdom.
  4. Water Engineering Department, Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand
  5. International Research Center for Intangible Cultural Heritage in the Asia-Pacific Region (IRCJ), Japan, UN Habitat.,
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