• To encourage and support high level research that enhances understanding of the different Phenomena and processes in the states and Regions of Myanmar.
  • To contribute to improving the quality of education, training and capacity enhancement.
  • To effectively assist national development with geographic knowledge.
  • To enhance collaboration in research and teaching with international universities and organizations.



(1) To communicate efficiently in English with anyone who speaks (writes) in English at an international        level.

(2) To analyse and evaluate English Literature in terms of elements and features of function.

(3) Toe demonstrate the communicative skills and skills necessary for businesses or professions like                translation and interpretation skills presentation skills and public speaking skills

Assistant Professor3
Assistant Lecturer6

-Dr. Kyi Kyi Mya,- P(H) Geographical study on land utilization of U.Yin Ward in Hinthada Town.
-U Mya Win (L) A Geographical Assessment on the land utilization in Hinthada District, Ayeyarwady Region.
-Daw Aye Aye Nyein (L) Geographical Assessment on the rice export in Hinthada Town.
-Daw Saw Sandar Win (L) Spatial Distribution pattern of Retail Shops within Pathein Urban Area.
-Daw Thin Thin Oo (AL) Geographical Assessment on Agricultural Activity of Kanhla Village Tract, Hinthada Township.
-Dr. Lè Lè Win (AP) Analysis on the water use of Hinthada Town.
-Dr. Moh Moh Khaing (AP) Comparative Study on Urban Landscape changes of Pathein and Hinthada Towns in Ayeyarwady Region.

Name: Dr- Kyi Kyi Mya
Current Position: Professor and Head of Department
Education and Qualification: PhD 
Mobile Phone: +95 9 964568851 
e-Mail: mya20286@gmail.com
Dr  Khin Hnin Phyu Dr Sandar Tun Daw Yin Yin Kyaw Dr Khin Swe Htay Daw Ohnmar Yin
Daw Aye Moe Khine Daw Myint Myint Soe Daw Saw Sandar Win U Kyaw Min Htike Daw Thin Thin Oo
Daw Ei Ei Phyo Daw Ei Ei Aung Daw Nwe Ni Oo Daw Naw Thin Phyu Phyu Htwe U Than Htike Aung
Daw May Zaw Thaung Daw Thi Thi Soe Daw Su Hlaing Thin Daw Nway Yee Hline Daw Wint War Tun
Daw Mu Mu Thet Daw Htet Htet Myo Daw Zin Mar Lwin Daw Zin Mar Tun U Myo Oo
U Naing Win Daw Pan Ei Phyo    
Fields of Study
-Soil Geography
-Urban Geography
-Geography of Settlement
-Economic Geography
-Cultural Geography
-Political Geography
-Agriculture Geography
-Population Geography
-Transportation Geography
-Regional Analysis
-Environmental Studies
-Tourism Geography
-Climate Change and Resilience
-Geographic Though
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