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Daw San San Lae

Name                 :          Daw San San Lae
Current Position    :          Assistant Lecturer
Education and qualifications :          M.Sc, M.Res, 2Ph.D
Mobile Phone :          09-899333324
E-mail   :


    1. Isolation, Characterization and Identification of Some Organic Constituents of Euphobia tirucalli L.(Tazaung-letyo) Branches and Roofs and Their Bioactivities


    1. Dagon University Commemoration of 25th Anniversary Silver Jubilee Research Journal 2019, Vol 9, No.2 “Isolation of Piperine form the Fruit of Piper retrofractum Vahl. (Peik-chin-lay) and Antibacterial Screening of the Crude Extracts and Piperine (2nd Author)
    2. San San Lae and Ei Ei Khaing (2019) Study on Chemical Analysis and Antioxidant Activity from Fruit of Piper retrofractum Vahl. (Peik-chin-lay), Hinthada University Research Journal, Ministry of Education, Department of Higher Education, Hinthada University, Myanmar, vol. 10, No. 1, pp 68-74.