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Daw Thaung Sein

Name                 :          Daw Thaung Sein
Current Position    :          Lecturer
Education and qualifications :          B.Sc(Hons:), M.Sc, PhD (3rd candidate)
Mobile Phone :          09-5056854
E-mail   :


    1. Isolation and Identification of Antifungal and Antitermite compounds from the Bark of Swietenia makagoni (L) Taeq (Mahogani), and Exploration of some Compound in the Leaf Essential Oil and the Seed


    1. Dagon University Commemoration of 25th Anniversary Silver Jubilee Research Journal Vol.9, No.2 July, 2019 “Composition of Seed Oil and Leaf Essential oil of Swietenia mahagoni (L) Taeq (Mahogani) by GC-MS Analysis” (1st author)