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Dr Aye Mon Sann

Name                 :          Dr Aye Mon Sann
Current Position    :          Lecturer
Education and qualifications :          Ph.D
Mobile Phone :          09-422483900
E-mail   :


    1. A study of the effectiveness of artifical bat farms in terms of guano production and its application in cultivation (Sept 2014)
    2. Morphological study on some prawns and shrimps of Myo-Ma-Zay-Gyi Pyay Township (Feb, 2016)
    3. Study on distribution of Passer domesticus (Linnaeus, 1758) in Pyay Environs (Jan, 2017)


    1. Habitat destruction of Hits ilisha due to environmental changes in the Ayeyarwady River (Pyay Sector) (Hinthada University Research Journal, Vol.8, No.1)
    2. Bioaccumulation of Heavy metals in some Indigenous fishes, water and Sediments from Hinthada Environs, Ayeyarwady Region Hinthada University, Myanmar, (MNCES, 2018)
    3. Sa Soe Shwe, Yi Yi Win, Nilar Soe, Aye Mon Sann and San San Htay5 (2019) Occurrence of some Commercial and Non-Commercial Fish Species in Inn-Yegyi Lake, Kyonpyaw Township, Ayeyarwady Region, Hinthada University Research Journal, Ministry of Education, Department of Higher Education, Hinthada University, Myanmar, vol. 10, No. 1, pp 120-131.