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Dr Khin Thida Aung

Name                 :          Dr Khin Thida Aung
Current Position    :          Demonstrator
Education and qualifications :          B.Sc(Hons),M.Sc, Ph.D (Physics)
Mobile Phone :          09-261993288
E-mail   :


  1. Design and Construction of a Series and Parallel Connected Dye-Sensitized  Solar Cell Module (Hinthada University Research Journal, Vol.7,No.1, Dec 2016)
  2. Fabrication of Monolithic Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell  (Hinthada University Research Journal, Vol.9, No.1, Dec 2018)


  1. Fabrication of Two cells, Three Cells and Four Cells Meander Type Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell Modules (Myanmar Academy of Arts and Science, 17th Research Conference, Oct 2017)
  2. Fabrication of Serial Interconnected Dye-Sensitized Solar cell Module (The 10th AUN/SEED Net Regional Conference on Energy Engineering, Nov-9-11, 2017 )