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Dr Khin Thu Zar Myint

Name                 :          Dr Khin Thu Zar Myint
Current Position    :          Associate Professor
Education and qualifications :          B.Sc, M.Sc, Ph.D, Diploma in English
Mobile Phone :          09-422516999
E-mail   :


    1. Study on effect of amino acid an growth of Dendrobium candy stripex Dendrobium tomy drake. (M.Sc ကျမ်း)
    2. Phytochemical studies and isolation of starch of seven selected underground starchy plant parts and glucose from Manihot esculenta Cranfz. (Ph.D ကျမ်း)
    3. Phytochemical studies, starch isotolation and liquid glucose production of Dioscovea data Linn (Yam) from Hinthada Township. (Local need သုတေသန)


    1. Phytochemical investigation and starch isolation an swen underground starchy plants in Hinthada District. (URJ) Vol. 2, No.1, Dec, 2009.