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Dr Khin Thu Zar

Name                 :          Dr Khin Thu Zar
Current Position    :          Associate Professor
Education and qualifications :          Ph.D (Pharmacognosy)
Mobile Phone :          09-795555663
E-mail   :


    1. Medicinal Properties and Benefits of Allium cepa L.
    2. Medicinal uses and nutritional values of Carica papaya L.
    3. Investigation of Phytochemical characterization, anti-bacterial activity and elemental analysis of Canna indica L.
    4. Antimicrobial and anticancer activities of Gynura angulose DC.


    1. Antimicrobial and Antidiorrhoeal activities of Hollarrhoea antidysenterica Wall.    UYRJ-2012, Vol. 4, No.1
    2. Pharmacognostic Study on the Raw materials presents in some medicinal Plants and their antimalarial effects. JARC- Y.U. Vol VI, No.1 and 2.