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Dr Kyu Kyu Maw

Name                 :          Dr Kyu Kyu Maw
Current Position    :          Professor
Education and qualifications :          PhD (Geology)
Mobile Phone :          09-422474990
E-mail   :



    1. Mineral Resources of the Sate-taung-chaung-zon-Pyittawye Area, Kyoukse Township, Mandalay Region, URJ, 2014,  Vol-6, No.5
    2. Meatomorphism and Related Structural Deformation of Pyaukseikpin-Chaungzon Area, Kyaukse Township, Mandalay Regio, Pyay(RJ), 2015, Vol.7, No.1
    3. Study on the geology and structural Deformation of Pyaukseikpin- Chaung Area, Kyaukse Township, Mandalay Region URJ, 2017, Vo,.9, No.5