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Dr Lè Lè Win

Name                 :          Dr Lè Lè Win
Current Position    :          Associate Professor
Education and qualifications :          BA (Hons), MA, PhD
Mobile Phone :          09-5208340
E-mail   :


    1. The Geographical Analysis of Industrial Activities in Myanaung and Kyangin Township
    2. A Geographical Assessment on the Production of Pulses and Beans in Ayeyarwady Region
    3. A Geographical Analysis on Spatial Distribution Pattern of Health Care Centers in Yenachaung Town
    4. A Geographical Analysis on lond Cover changes in Kyaingtong Township.


    1. Spatial Distribution of Pulses and Beans cultivated Areas in Ayeyarwady Region
    2. A Geographical Analysis on Spotial Distribution Pathein of Health Care Centers in Yenanehaung Town
    3. A Geographical Analysis on Land Cover Changes in Kyainytong Township