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Dr Moe Ohmmar

Name                 :          Dr Moe Ohnmar
Current Position    :          Associate Professor
Education and qualifications :          Ph.D
Mobile Phone :          09-5047553
E-mail   :


    1. A study of phytochemical constituents screening on the seeds of Piper Nigrum Linn. (Black Pepper) (2010)
    2. Assessment of the Quality of water in Duya-Inn from chemistry Aspect (25.7.2019)


    1. Determination of Major Chemical Constituents in Bamboo Shot Samples from Different Localities Journal of the Myanmar Academic of Arts and Science Vol.VI, No.1, March 2008. (1st author)
    2. A Study on Traditional Main Dish Melocanna Bambusodies T. (Kayin-wa-dok) from Rakhine State. Hinthada University, Research Journal, Vol.8, No.1, December 2017. (1st author)
    3. Comparative studies on the Quality of Water Resources in flooded and Non-flooded Areas of Bago City During 2014-2016. Journal of Myanmar Academy of Technology Vol.17, No.2, 2017 (2nd author)