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Dr Ohnmar Win

Name                 :          Dr Ohnmar Win
Current Position    :          Lecturer
Education and qualifications :          B.Sc(Hons), MSc, Ph.D (Physics)
Mobile Phone :          09-421131292
E-mail   :


    1. Ferroelectric Properties of PTA7 Gated Thin Film Transistor (2009, 1st Author)
    2. Study on Preparation and Structural Characterization of Nickel Ferrites (NiFe2O4) (2016, 1st Author)
    3. Design and Construction of Integer Calculator by using PIC (2017, 1st Author )
    4. High Temperature Phases of NH4-KH2 PO4 (AKDP) Crystals Studied by TG-DTA Method (2017, 2nd Author)