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Rector Message

         Hinthada University, one of the Universities of Arts and Sciences in Ayeyarwady Region, is about 91.45 acres wide. Since it has been founded as a university, it provides twelve academic subjects in Arts and Science. Starting from 2020-2021 Academic Year. Hinthada University offers the undergraduate course for Bachelor of Law (LL.B). In each academic year, there are about 5000 day students and over 20000 UDE students studying at the university. As a university, it gives a priority to promotion of university’s status, development of human resources and implementation of regional development and regional research for local needs.

          Nowadays, to improve University’s ranking, transforming into online learning concerned with research paper reading seminars and teaching, establishing the International Relations Office to collaborate with international universities, promoting the qualities of university library, and administration and office tasks through the use of technology are being carried out with acceleration.