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U Han Myo Hset

Name                 :          U Han Myo Hset
Current Position    :          Assistant Lecturer
Education and qualifications :          M.Res (Geology), Ph.D (student)
Mobile Phone :          09-266331082
E-mail   :


    1. Geological Structures and Relating Petroleum Occurrences of Tagaing – Nyaung Waing Area, Minhla Township, Magway Region
    2. Active Tectonics and Paleoseismology of Nanma Fault, Tarlay Area, Tachilaik Township
    3. Geology and Geological Structures of Pauk Area, Pakkoku District, Magway Region
    4. Influence of Neogene Tectonic Inversion to the Structural Configuration on 21ºN Uplift, Northern Boundary of Salin Sub-Basin


    1. Structural Geology and Petroleum Occurrences of Tagaing-NyaungWaing Area, Minhla Township, Magway Region (URJ, 2017, Vol 10, No.6)
    2. Geological Structures and Petroleum Occurrences in Minhla Area, Magway Region ( Proceeding Journal of Best Research Award Paper 2019, Hinthada University)
    3. Geological structures and Relating Petroleum Occurrences of Kyaukmyaung Area, Minhla Township, Magway Region
    4. Tun Tun Min, Sandy Than Han and Han Myo Hset (2019) River Geomorphological Changes of the Duya-Inn and Surrounding Area, Hinthada University Research Journal, Ministry of Education, Department of Higher Education, Hinthada University, Myanmar, vol. 10, No. 1, pp 183-192.