The next generation realize their full potential to succeed   academically, personally and socially in global society.



  • The Philosophy program promotes the development of person as  an individual and as a meaningful contributor to society
  • To be able to think logically and develop the spiritual and intellectual life
  • To cultivate the next generations of global leaders who can thrive anywhere in the world
Associate Professor1
Assistant Lecturer1

Dr. Tun Pa May (Professor & Head)
(1) (March 2011) A Study of the Concept of Mu (Nothingness) in Nishida’s Philosophy
(2) (December 2009) A Philosophical Study of Nonmetaphysical Approach towards “Human Existence”, Hinthada Univesity Research Journal (Vol.1 No.1), pp. 147-152
(3) (October 2018) The Conceptual Significance of Nishida’s Socio- Existentialist Ethics, Taunggoke Degree College Research Journal (Vol.1-A), pp. 83-90
(4) (December 2020) The Role of “Moral Obligation” in Myanmar Society Taunggoke University”, Research Journal (Vol.2, No.1), pp. 36-43 Daw Thu Zin Kyu (AP)

(5) (December 2018) A Critical Study of Garbage Pollution from Environmental Ethical Point of View, Sittway University Research Journal (Vol-5, No.1), pp. 139-149
Dr- Tun Pa May Professor (Head of Department)
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Daw Thu Zin Kyu Associate Professor
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Daw Khin Thandar Htay Assistant Lecturer
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Daw Ei Ei Zar Assistant Lecturer
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Daw Nge Lay Khin Assistant Lecturer
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1. Metaphysics
2. Epistemology
3. Ethics
4. Logic
5. Philosophy of Culture
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