Rector's Message

Founded originally as No.(2) Regional College, Hinthada University, Ayeyarwady Region, Hinthada Regional College was first established on 18th December in 1978.  At that time, there were only 39 tutors & demonstrators and 27 administration staff.  Then, it was upgraded into Hinthada College on (1-4-1980), Hinthada Degree College on (20-2-2001), and Hinthada University on (28-9-2001) respectively. Hinthada University is situated on Myo Pat Road; on the East Myawady Ward, on the West Ywathagon Village tract, and on the North Letikwin Ward. Although the initial area of the campus was 36.75 acres only, the area of the campus is 91.45 acres now. There are 5500 internal students and 20000 University of Distance Education students attending Hinthada University from Hinthada District; Hinthada, Myanaung, Kyangin, Laymyethnar, Ingapu, Zalun, Yekyi and Kyonpyaw townships. Hinthada University provides academic subjects such as Arts disciplines (Myanmar, English, Geography, History, Oriental Studies and Philosophy) and Science disciplines (Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Zoology, Botany and Geology). The 40th anniversary (Ruby Jubilee) of the establishment of the university has been marked. Laboratory equipment, Chemistry Lab equipment and ICT teaching aids are being offered. Hinthada University currently carries out many training courses for regional development and human resources.