Hinthada University Research Journal

Vol. 5, No.1, 2014

  1. A Study on Microstructural and Electrical Characteristics of Mg (10 Mol. %) Doped CaCO3 Ceramics Films, Thin Thin Naing
  2. Analysis of Optical Model Parameters for S-32 by Using ABRAEX and SCAT2, Hnin Nandar Shwe
  3. Some Facts from the Theory of Continued Fractions, Ko Ko Oo
  4. Economic Importance of Fishes in Hinthada Township, Ayeyawady Region, Kyi Kyi Khin
  5. A Study on Some Odonate Species in Hinthada University Campus, Win Win Myint
  6. Distribution and Status of Snakes around Hinthada University Campus, Ko Myint
  7. A Morphological, Phytochemical and Physico-chemical Investigation of Polygonum chinensis L. (Mmahaga-kyan-sit), Mar Mar Aung
  8. Depositional Environment of Kalaw Red Beds in the east of Yegyanzin Area, Pindaya Township, Kaung Sithu and Chit Sein
  9. Cock Crowing; A Time Mark of Myanmar Tradition, Cho Cho Thwin
  10. A Brief Study on the Language of Newspaper Headlines Used in “New Light of Myanmar”, Sandar Moe
  11. The Judicial System in Yadanapon Period (1852-188), Aye Aye Mu
  12. A Study on the Colonial Administration in Myanmar (1886-1945), Toe Toe Kyaw
  13. The Three Maxims in the Myth of Maung Pauk Kyaing, Mar Mar Soe
  14. The Significant Roles of Sacca, Thinn Thinn Aye